Can write semantic and cross-browser markup based on any design. Responsive and adaptive, always.


Use Javascript on the front-end to make interactive websites. Some experience with MVC frameworks. Overall, junior-mid level but evolving very rapidly.

PHP & Backend

Mid-level experience with PHP, have used it extensively since 2007. Started with hobby projects in PHP, some are still around.

UI/UX & Web design

Have a keen eye for web design and usability. Loving the web so much and using it everyday makes me put UX first when designing/developing a website.

Adobe Photoshop & Fireworks – I can use Photoshop but I prefer Fireworks for slicing up designs. I know it is discontinued, though.

C/C++ & others

Learned and developed in C and C++ while studying engineering at uni. Developed some programs, including a 24 game and other simple stuff. I strongly value the foundation that it gave me in programming.

Development Workflow