My name is Pedro Almeida, I’m a full stack developer from Portugal.

  • 4 years of experience developing websites, on the front-end and backend with PHP/WordPress. Recently as a freelance.

Some of the projects I’ve worked in


A Clothing tech/marketing startup from Spain

I was the lead Web developer behind the website working within a team of 2 other developers.

Kendu is an international clothing industry tech startup. They provide innovative and creative store promotional material for clothing shops.

This website uses complex animations developed using JavaScript and jQuery. It also uses Gutenberg, where almost all components inside each page is editable.

  • Developed frontend using Twig, Sass, JavaScript ES6 and backend (WordPress, PHP)
  • Lead developer (in a team)
  • Responsible for helping junior developers into project
  • Multi-language and multi-country


A VPN startup from Berlin

I was the Web developer and marketing engineer at Zenmate. The work was done within the Marketing department of Zenmante. I was working the CRO manager, SEO manager and Content Marketing manager.

Most of the work was developing landing pages, blogs, creating A/B testings, capturing client data, etc…

  • Developing new pages and functionality on the website using JADE, SASS, JavaScript and jQuery
  • Marketing-oriented engineering of the system
  • Creating A/B tests using Optimizely and JavaScript
  • Working in a medium-sized team (20 people)

Antena 3

A popular radio station

I was the Web developer for this website using HTML5/SASS/jQuery and PHP/WordPress.

Antena 3 is a popular radio station in Portugal, part of the National TV (RTP) group. The website is very dynamic and it includes lots of media features.

  • Developed the complete website using WordPress (frontend and backend)
  • “Backend” is WordPress core with ACF (advanced custom fields), custom post types and some custom-made plugins.
  • Design was from the in-house team
  • The website includes a top playlist, an event system, quite a complex back-office for the editorial team to manage it.

Proyecto Hombre

A national non-profit institution in Spain

I was the Web developer behind this website.

Proyecto Hombre is a non-profit Spanish institution working to recover alcoholics and problematic people.

  • Lead developer
  • Developed front-end (Twig, Sass, JavaScript) and backend (WordPress, PHP)
  • Developed a Stripe donation system
  • Developed a React location map


An electrical & control solutions company

I developed this mobile app using React Native.

  • Developed a React Native app for electrical control timing schedule
  • Developed the backend using Directus and Node.js
  • The mobile app generates a very high number (hundred of thousands) of database rows

Greenpeace Spain

Greenpeace is a well known ecological association

I worked as Web developer and added some functionality to this website. I did not create this website from scratch.

  • Developed new functionality on Greenpeace Spain website’s
  • WordPress, Twig, Timber, JavaScript ES6, SASS
  • High load website


A weightlifting app

I designed and developed this weight-lifting web app as a personal project. It uses React.js and Express.js

The web app was born out of the need for a more precise way to track workouts.

I used ES6 for developing this app. The app uses Material UI React Framework.


The National TV channel in Portugal
  • Developed several websites for RTP
  • Implemented Git”



An open-source WordPress theme I designed and developed. It’s available on the WordPress.org repository and has been downloaded almost 100.000 times.



Another theme I designed and developed as a personal project.