Antena 3

A popular radio station in Portugal
  • Developed the complete website using WordPress (frontend and backend)
  • “Backend” is WordPress core with ACF (advanced custom fields), custom post types and some custom-made plugins.
  • Design was from the in-house team
  • The website includes a top playlist, an event system, quite a complex back-office for the editorial team to manage it.

Antena 3 is some my best work as a Web Developer. It’s a modern & fully-featured website and it’s part of my work for RTP.

This website was part of the rebranding campaign of Antena 3, one of the most popular radio stations in Portugal.


A VPN startup from Berlin
  • Developed landing pages based on designs (daily)
  • Created Optimizely tests using jQuery

Working directly with the marketing team on a daily basis, the work revolved around developing landing pages and/or new functionality for marketing campaigns.


Videographer from Lisbon
  • Designed and developed the website
  • Used React.js to create a filter-by-category list of posts

A WordPress website designed and developed from scratch for a videographer that wanted a simple and clean way to show his work. Abrantini is generating new content so the website is not online.

RTP Base

This is a WordPress parent theme and framework I built for RTP. It powers all the station’s new websites.

The parent theme & framework for all the new RTP websites

The creation of this framework effectively reduced the amount of time spent developing themes and was a step towards a more DRY workflow. It made it very easy to make changes network-wise on all websites and created a standardized development workflow.